Conflict Resolution Certificate Program

The Conflict Resolution Certificate Program in its current 18-unit format of core and elective classes is being phased out. A new program focusing on Elder Mediation is being developed with a tentative start date of Fall 2015. Please contact the Program Coordinator, Beth Warner, at to be placed on the mailing list for updates.

About The Program

The Sonoma State University Conflict Resolution Certificate Program is an upper-division, multidisciplinary academic program that provides in-depth skills training in conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution for people in a variety of work and community settings. Practical, highly experiential instruction is offered in diverse areas of practice.

The Certificate Program is designed to serve the needs of the conflict resolution practitioner as well as professionals and students in human resource management, law, business, education, counseling, health care, and public service. These important skills can also be applied in everyday interactions within the family and the community.

Individual courses, except for the culminating Independent Learning A & B, are open to those not enrolled in the full Certificate Program.

Career Information

The skills presented and practiced in the program provide participants with the fundamental tools, understanding and confidence to deal appropriately with conflict situations wherever they occur. Students in the program come from diverse career and community backgrounds--attorneys and paralegals, community youth workers, teachers, business managers, human resource managers, counselors, health care, and criminal justice professionals, to name a few. Extensive career information is provided in the recommended first course, Survey of the Field of Practice in Conflict Resolution.

Admissions Procedure

Applications to the program are not being accepted at this time.

Certificate of Completion

When you have completed all program requirements, contact Beth Warner or fill out the Application for Award of Certificate. After checking your transcript to verify completion of requirements, we will mail your certificate to the address listed on the form.


Certificate Program faculty are experienced practitioners in conflict resolution/alternative dispute resolution, drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds such as business, law, education, counseling, psychology, and organization development. Faculty biographies can be found on the Faculty page