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Coursework in the Gerontology Program

The Gerontology Program provides students with multidisciplinary perspectives to examine the aging process. The Program combines a thorough grounding in the basic filelds in Gerontology with practical applications through internship experience. Participation in the Program encourages students to gain an understanding and appreciation of the aging process, to consider volunteer or professional work in the field of aging, and to provide a forum for exploring and examining concepts and research in Gerontology.

Those who already work in the field will find that coursework in the Program stimulates their interests in new ways as well as providing them with a strong foundation in the theories, ideas and research findings in Gerontology. The Program has opportunities for combining the insights and experiences students gain in work settings with their academic work. Students should plan their internship placements with the program coordinator.

Students who are currently completing a bachelor's degree and students who have already completed a bachelor's degree may participate in the Program. Both a Certificate in Gerontology and a minor in Gerontology are available options.

Certificate Program and Minor in Gerontology
Required courses - 24 units as follows:
Biology 318, Biology of Aging (3)
Gerontology 300 Basic Gerontology (3)
Gerontology 319, Aging and Society (4)
Gerontology 499, Internship in Gerontology (4)
Gerontology 421, Psychology of Aging (4) or
Gerontology 500, Social and Psychological Issues of Aging (4)

Electives - 6 units from the following:
American Multi-Cultural Studies 435, Ethnicity and The Lifecycle (3)
Biology 224, Human Physiology (3)
Biology 380, Human Nutrition (4)
Gerontology 304, Sibling Relations (4)
Gerontology 312, Lecture Series (2 - may be repeated)
Gerontology 317, Emotions and Adult Life
Gerontology 332, Death and American Culture (4)
Gerontology 408, Transitions in Adult Development (4)
Gerontology 422, Living and Dying (3-4)
Gerontology 452, Health Care and Illness (4)
Gerontology 487, Group Work with Older Adults/ Service Learning (4)
Kinesiology 360, Physiology of Exercise (4)
Kinesiology 410, Lifespan Motor Development (3)
Nursing 504A, Health Care Delivery and Financing (2)
Nursing 504B, Health Care Delivery and Financing (2)
Psychology 404, Psychology of Women (4)
Psychology 428, Introduction to Counseling (4)

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