Guide to Campus Housing

Lockout Assistance

Lockout assistance is available to residents if they have locked themselves out of their residence, lost their Seawolf ID card, or the electronic reader is malfunctioning. Temporary cards can be issued during regular business hours at no cost in the Zinfandel Housing Office or at one of the Residential Card Kiosk machines. After hours, the Residential Card Kiosk would be the primary method for getting a temporary card. If a resident is experience problems with the kiosk, then they will need to contact the neighborhood on-call CSA.

Residential Card Kiosk (Self-Service Encoding Machine)

Sonoma State University now offers 24/7 self-service card access. The Residential Card Kiosk allows you to activate your Seawolf Card at the beginning of the semster and issue a temporary card for when you are locked out. Three Residential Card Kiosk machines are conveniently located throughout the Residential Community: (1) Zinfandel Housing Lobby; (2) Cellars, next to Ameci's; and (3) Beaujoalis Meeting Room, east wall facing swimming pool.

Resident Paid Utilities

As part of your License Agreement, the utility costs are included in the yearly rate. The University either contracts with vendors or provides the service in-house. This eliminates the hassle of signing up and depositing funds with the various Utility companies. When you move in you can expect that your power is on, your television will get reception, the local phone service is operable, and that you will have an active jack for quick internet access.

Cable Television

Comcast provides the University with basic commercial cable television service via coaxial jacks in each bedroom and living room. You will need to supply your own cable to connect your television to the jack. In addition to the regional and local television stations, programming includes basic and expanded basic such as, ESPN, ESPN2, CNN, MTV, TLC, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, E! and many others. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide premium channels, On Demand, Pay-Per-View, HDTV, or DVR services due to limitations of cabling infrastructue. If you are having problems with the connection and are just receiving "snow" you will need to contact Comcast Bulk Services Customer line at 1-800-856-2374.

Telephones and Long Distance Service

Residents are responsible for providing their own phone service for local and long distance in the Residential Community. Most residents bring cell phones. Another option if you don't have a cell phone is Voice Over IP (VoIP) service on your personal computer.

Internet Access

Living on campus allows you to connect directly to the campus network and Internet from your bedroom with wireless. Wireless networking is available in all buildings of the Residential Community. When you arrive to campus your computer, printer, and any gaming consoles will need to be wireless. The University will not be able to support the older devices that require an ethernet connection.

Information Technology has worked hard to ensure that the same high-speed connections are available in wireless form as they existed in the wired form. Click here for more information about computing at SSU.

Water, Garbage, and Recycling

Residents do not pay for their water, garbage and recycling separately. It is all part of their License Agreement yearly rate. Residents are not charged for garbage or recycling collection service when they dispose of those items properly. There are cans and dumpsters located throughout the Residential Community for the students convenience. It is highly recommended and encouraged to use these containers frequently in order to keep the residences and courtyards clean and presentable.