President ArminanaI am delighted to welcome you to Sonoma State University, one of the premiere colleges of the 23-campus California State University system. The Sonoma campus was selected as the sole California college invited to join COPLAC, the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, a prestigious group of small, liberal arts colleges located throughout the country. This invitation acknowledged Sonoma’s commitment to excellence in public liberal arts education. Sonoma State University is well known for its educational programs, relatively small classes, and close interactions between faculty, staff and students. The grounds of the campus are unmatched in their beauty and peaceful nature.

The campus you are about to join has many outstanding attributes, from our connection to the surrounding community through, for example, our Wine Business Program to our outstanding athletic teams that have earned the campus national championships. Our students are bright; our employees dedicated and committed.

You will find Sonoma a place to work, to learn, and to grow. Our Recreation Center and walking trails support your physical health and our education and training programs support you as a professional. Finally, there is great pride in the work we do at our University in preparing our students to run corporations, become entrepreneurs, serve the government, volunteer in their communities and apply themselves in other ways that advance our society. Whether you are faculty, staff, or administrator, your work at SSU helps our students grow into fine citizens.

Best wishes, and again, welcome to Sonoma State University.

Ruben Armiñana