Staff Excellence Award Recipients

Jesse Andrews, Residential Life

Jesse has been an employee of SSU for almost 7 years.  He began his career as a Residential Area Coordinator and now serves as the Community Conduct Coordinator for the department of Residential Life. 
Jesse oversees our Substance Use workshops and the administrative process behind Jesse Andrews the 300 plus students asked to attend this workshop each year because of alcohol policy violations.  Jesse also developed alcohol education presentation materials for the Residential Life staff to use with our 3100 residents.  Jesse took the initiative to develop and offer alcohol education programs and information to our campus partners in Academic Affairs, especially the University Freshmen Learning Communities; and to partners in Campus Life.  Jesse reached over 500 students singlehandedly this fall semester! 
Jesse is also a significant partner in the Intensive Interactive Theater Project (ITP) presented during Summer Orientation.  This program educates all 1800 incoming freshmen during the Summer Orientation sessions.  His role as ITP Coordinator ensures that SSU meets its commitment to educating all incoming freshmen on alcohol awareness, sexual assault prevention and bystander behavior.
Jesse serves as the system administrator for Residential Life’s judicial management system.  Beyond this role, Jesse has been the organizer and mastermind behind the coordination of campus partners to create a collective of units with a common purpose in utilizing a system that will benefit the entire campus. 
Residential Life elected to review new judicial systems to incorporate new initiatives with Title IX, Police Administrative Reports, and Campus Life Clubs and Organizations.  Jesse facilitated collaboration with these groups in the review of three nationally recognized systems, and has coordinated the procurement process and the interface with IT and Procurement.  This new system will provide major users with an efficient system and will help in the management of student conduct cases.  In addition, campus wide reporting of students of concern will now be available. Jesse has excelled in developing and offering key services to students.  His impact in the delivery of services and in creating partnerships across campus is huge. 

Rhonda Goodlund, Engineering Degree Program

Ronnie started working at SSU in the fall of 2006 and has been the AC for the Department of Engineering Science the past three Rhonda Goodlundyears.  At the time Ronnie became the AC, the department was on its decline.  In order to jump start the department, the Engineering Science faculty and staff decided to take on several aggressive initiatives to stop the decline and begin to grow the department.  Everyone in the department worked really hard to make it all happen, and Ronnie was directly or indirectly involved in almost all of it: 

  • the size of the student body has doubled;
  • the Industry Advisory Board was created;
  • connecting with Santa Rosa Junior College (starting a steady flow of Engineering Science majors);
  • and connecting with Ansel University in India (globalizing MS-CES program)

Ronnie also provides critical support to numerous department activities such as the operations of the Engineering Science colloquium, the department’s program to prepare for the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology qualification, the Summer Academy program, and many other wide-ranging activities.

It is not an overstatement to say that Ronnie holds the entire department together.  As expected, with limited manpower in a small department like Engineering, everyone in the department has to take on multiple tasks at the same time.  Regardless the differences in personalities, working styles and/or task assignment, everyone in the department goes to Ronnie for her support and she is always goes out of her way to help faculty and students.