Staff Training and Professional Development

SSU is committed to encouraging employees to further their education and providing professional development opportunities to enhance job skills. No matter what your position is here on campus, you will discover valuable resources and learning opportunities available to you.  Check them out below!


SSU employees can access mandatory training and professional development opportunities through SkillPort.  Visit the SkillPort/SkillSoft Online Training page for more information.

CSU's Got Talent Webcast Trainings

All CSU staff and faculty are invited to attend free systemwide professional development webcast trainings offered by the CSU Systemwide Professional Development. No registration necessary, limited to the first 200 logins (multiple viewers can sit in the same room and use one link.)


UPCOMING CSU’s Got Talent Webcasts - Mark your calendar:

  • October 12 (@10am) - “Changing the Conversation: Principles of Conflict Resolution” with Dana Caspersen, Conflict Engagement Specialist (an encore presentation by popular demand!)
  • November 3 (@10am) - “Build a Workplace People Love, Just Add Joy” with Rich Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations

Payroll & Benefits

CalPERS Retirement – Making the decision to retire is a critical one and should be planned carefully.  Please contact Trisha Ramos at Trisha Ramos to discuss the CalPERS retirement process or visit the Retirement Plans page for more information. 

Atomic Learning

Are your technical skills up to par?  Atomic Learning is an application based training program with over 65,000 topics, including Microsoft, Adobe, Moodle, Assistive Technology and more.  Faculty and staff login to Online Services, then click Atomic Learning. 

Continuing Education

The Tuition Waiver Program provides the opportunity for eligible staff, faculty, dependent children, spouses or domestic partners to take classes at any CSU campus at significantly reduced rates.  You may be able eligible for the following professional development opportunities:

  • Complete a degree with a Tuition Waiver for yourself or dependent
  • Take a work-related SSU course

Pursuing your personal and professional development goals may be easier than you think.  Please contact Payroll & Benefits x4-2793 or visit the Tuition Waiver page for more information.