Hutchins Institute for Public Policy Studies and Community Action

The mission of the Hutchins Institute for Public Policy Studies and Community Action (heretofore referred to as HIPP), is to promote discussions about environmental and socio-economic issues on and off campus, and to facilitate research and projects on these topics.

In keeping with this mission, the Hutchins Institute has sponsored many programs and activities, and during the last two years, some of these have been expanded and grown in different directions, while other programs have grown to a point where they needed to be on housed in other venues. HIPP is led by co-directors Francisco H. Vázquez and Art Warmoth.

Current HIPP Programs:

1. HIPP as a clearinghouse: The Hutchins Institute invites the submission of proposals to promote activities that are in keeping with its mission.
a. The Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County (CAP) has approached HIPP to explore mutual collaboration on the production of white papers by students on the issues of poverty. The goal is for these white papers to assist in the writing of grants.
b. Under the suggestion of one of the Advisory Board members, Dr. Art Warmoth, we are meeting on November 17 of this year to discuss two issues that are beginning to merge in conjunction to the transfer of the Latino Commission for Alcohol and Drugs to a new organization. One is on cultural competence of the staff as an issue in the transition. The other one is to initiate a project through HIPP to pull together the available information on the mental health needs (including substance abuse treatment needs) of the low wage Latino work force.

2. Hutchins Dialogue Center: The mission of the HDC is “to build an inclusive and humane community both locally and around the world fostering thoughtful, open-minded discussion with diverse people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds." In the past year they have carried out their mission by establishing partnerships with an impressive array of organizations.

3. The Association of Hutchins Alumni (AHA): a network of individuals interested in life-long learning, featuring occasional seminar reunions.Hutchins Director Heidi LaMoreaux is collaborating with University Development, University Affairs and the Alumni Association to embark on further efforts to reach out to our Hutchins alumni.

4. Coalition for Latino Civic Engagement (CLACE): Collaborates with the Community Foundation Sonoma County and Community Action Partnership to organize a coalition with expertise in voter registration to promote “Su Voto es su Voz,” a voter registration and education project in the Roseland area of Santa Rosa. This organization is currently addressing issues of representation in local government and also discussing the renewal of the Student Congress, which was a HIPP program several years ago.

5. Northern California Earth Institute (NCEI): Promotes discussion groups based on a series of five group-study guides on various topics relating to sustainability. Dr. Debora Hammond is currently exploring collaboration between NCEI and the Institute for Ecology and Economy and the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley.