Seawolf Email, Calendar & Google Apps

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Check your SSU Email everyday!

All current SSU students have a Sonoma State email address provided to them by Sonoma State through Gmail. The University communicates with you primarily, and for some purposes only through your SSU student email account. Check your email regularly for registration, financial aid, library and course communications.

Your Seawolf Gmail Account gives you access to Google Email, Calendar, Google Docs and several other applications.

Seawolf Email Accounts for Faculty & Staff

All SSU employees have a Sonoma State email address and account on Exchange. Employees may request a Seawolf Email (Gmail) account in addition to Exchange. This may make it easier for some faculty who are sharing Google Docs with students, or for employees to collaborate with coworkers. Visit the IT Help Desk to request an account.

Gmail via Web

Using a Client to Access Gmail

Follow the instructions linked here to use Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, smartphones and other applications to access your Gmail account.

Important Notes about Gmail and Email Clients

  • While following instructions on configuring email clients, you will need to use your as your username.
  • Our affiliation with Google is considered part of the Google Apps agreement.
  • We recommend using IMAP as does Google but you do have the option of using POP if preferred.
  • You can not access Gmail by going directly to

Gmail Support Links

The following Gmail support links are available on Google's website:


Google provides accessibility information for most of their applications.

Gmail Accessibility

Google Docs Accessibility

Google Calendar Accessibility

  • Keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Google Calendar:
    Use combinations of keyboard strokes and mouse clicks to get things done faster or without looking at the screen. This article explains how to perform specific actions like creating new events, switching views and skipping between entries.
  • Using Google Calendar with screen readers:
    Learn how to navigate to the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) enhanced version of Google Calendar and use keyboard shortcuts.

Other Google Accessibility Resources