Become a Peer Language Facilitator

Are you fluent or semi-fluent in German, French or Spanish? Enrolling as a Peer Language Facilitator can be a great resumé-builder - and elective units toward your major!

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Students will be chosen to participate in the Peer Language Facilitator program through interview and/or recommendation based on:
1) their demonstrated native or advanced competence in spoken and written Spanish, French or German;
2) advanced standing (junior or senior having taken at least 3 courses at 300-level, or equivalent);
3) academic achievement (GPA courses in 300-level courses and above in the language); and
4) interest in teaching.

Course requirements:
--Students enrolled in MLL 450 (4 units) will be assigned as Peer Language Learning Facilitators to one of the lower division language classes at SSU (101, 102, 201, 202) and will meet with small conversation/activity groups (4-6 students) from one of those classes for 2 to 3 hours each week in the Language and Culture Learning Center (STEV 1028).
--Students enrolled in MLL 450 will have a 1 hour session with the instructor each week during which time they will go over assigned readings related to some relevant aspect of language learning and teaching. Topics will include basic theoretical and practical notions of language teaching and learning related to Second Language Acquisition; small group interaction, focused themes on technology and learning; the use of written texts in conversation groups; valuing diversity and variability in language-culture, and serving the needs of heritage language learners. The students will develop and practice the activities that they will be engaged in with their students during that week. 
-- Students enrolled in MLL 450 will work with the lower-division course instructors to make sure that the activities enhance the regular classroom instruction and curriculum. When possible, the peer facilitators will observe a portion of the assigned class (i.e. 101, 102, 201 or 202). Students in 450 will facilitate and assess the progress of the learners, as well as keep records of their students’ attendance.
--During finals week, each student will give a short summative presentation to the professor and the other 495 students, as well as turn in a 5-page reflective paper (in Spanish, French or English) on what they have learned.
--Course must be taken for a letter grade.

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