What Physicists Do Lecture Series: First Images from JWST

Mar 27, 2023 , 4:00pm
Darwin 103
Department of Physics & Astronomy
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Presenter Full Name: Mary Barsony

My DAWN Mission talk (DAWN refers to the Dawn of the Solar System, in this case) is really cool (pardon the pun) in that I have embedded lots of short video clips -- mostly from JPL -- illustrating Dawn's unique ion propulsion engines, as well as the truly remarkable images it sent back from little Vesta with a mountain rivaling Olympus Mons, rock ripples left by giant impactors from billions of years ago, ice volcanoes on Ceres with salty deposits signaling subsurface brine, computer simulations of how Vesta's impactor could have produced its surface features, etc.

Sonoma State University
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March 27, 2023
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