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As of Fall 2007, Sonoma State University Department of Nursing no longer offers an LVN-BSN Program. The state mandated "LVN-30 unit option” continues to be available at SSU. The LVN 30 unit option at SSU and all other California State Board-approved nursing programs in California is essentially the curriculum for RN licensure. This is the same course work that is required in the LVN-ADN program at the community college level and does not achieve the BSN. It does meet the requirements for the RN licensing exam (NCLEX-RN).

Although SSU still offers the LVN-30 unit option we can only accommodate students on an "as space is available basis" (particularly clinical space). Over the past several years we have not had any such space and do not seem likely to in the near future.


The Sonoma State University Department of Nursing is no longer offering this track

If interested, prospective students may apply for admission to the Pre-Licensure BSN track. The 2011 BSN curriculum requires full-time enrollment in four semesters over two academic years for completion. As a “Second Baccalaureate” applicant, please ONLY apply to the SSU Department of Nursing. Do not apply to the university which is not currently accepting second baccalaureate applications. If admitted to the Prelicensure BSN program by the Nursing Department you will be required and allowed to complete the university application process. Further information about the Pre-Licensure BSN Program and the Nursing Supplemental Application form.

MSN - Leadership & Management Tracks

The Sonoma State University MSN - Leadership & Management Program isTrack is no longer offered at Sonoma State.

Students in the north bay region interested in pursing a masters degree with an emphasis on adult health, nursing administration and/or nursing education are encouraged to explore this option with our sister campus CSUChico. Their graduate program is “geared to meet the needs of nurses in rural areas.”  The didactic is entirely online with clinical residency opportunities in the north bay area in collaboration with Somona State University Department of Nursing.  See CSU Chico's MSN website for more information on the program.