Program Review, Appendix B

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Academic Senate
Ruben Armiñana, President
Issue Date
Friday, March 3, 2006
Current Issue Date
Friday, March 3, 2006
Effective Date
Friday, March 3, 2006
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Academic Affairs
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2006-1, Appendix B

Guidelines for External Reviewers 

You have been selected as an external reviewer for a Sonoma State University department undergoing a regular 5-year program review.  We are making a concerted effort at SSU to integrate the program review process with a long range planning process, which means that the department will use its program review self-study and your report as bases for its long-range planning.  Consequently, our needs for your insights as an outside consultant may differ a bit from the needs defining other reviews with which you are familiar. 

In order to assist the department as it plans for the next five to ten years, please be sure to address the following and make suggestions as appropriate:

  1. The department’s curricular mission.  Is it philosophically coherent?  Is it appropriate for a comprehensive undergraduate institution that aspires to provide a strong liberal arts education for all undergraduates and to provide selected graduate programs in response to the professional development needs of the region?  Does it uphold the SSU Mission Statement and Diversity Vision Statement in its dedication to perspectives of diversity?
  2. The curriculum itself.   Is it current?  Does it have clearly stated goals that are consistent with the department’s mission?  Is it well focused?  Does it reflect an appreciation of the richness of differences among us? What are its greatest strengths?  Its weaknesses? Is the faculty appropriately prepared to deliver it?
  3. Program effectiveness.  How effective does the department seem to be in preparing its students (both majors and GE students) as it wishes?  Does the department have an assessment strategy adequate to reveal what is working very well and what is not?  Is there evidence that the department has used assessment findings to guide program change?
  4. Resource use.  Are existing program resources being used to the greatest effect?

These questions are intended, of course, to provide direction rather than to limit your comments, so do not feel that you should avoid mentioning anything that is not on the list. We look forward to receiving your report and to benefiting from your perspective on what we are doing and how we might do it better.  Thank you for agreeing to perform this invaluable service for us.

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