Checklist for Obtaining a Psychology Internship (PSY 499)

Printable Checklist (coming soon)

You may take up to 4 units of PSY 499, Psychology Internship, per semester, for a grand total of up to 8 units.  Internship experience is not currently required for graduation, but it provides invaluable application of your theoretical knowledge, and is often required by graduate programs.   You may also contact Dr. Meri Storino at

Don’t leave finding your internship for the last minute!  It takes time to find a good placement.  Make sure you complete everything on the Check-List below.

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  • Prior relevant coursework.
  • Prior paid or volunteer psychology-related experience.
  • Currently in a position for which you wish to receive internship credit.

Everything you need to know about course requirements is on the Syllabus.

  • Check our Internships Listing.
  • Check Career Services.
  • Fliers on Internship Bulletin Board near Stev 3092.
  • More Information in bottom drawer of Internship File Cabinet in  Stev 3092.
  • Contact potential agencies and complete their interview process to find the best match for you.
  • Contact Dr. Storino if you wish to set up a new Internship, not in our database.
  • You may receive Internship Credit for your appropriate job, provided you design new professional development goals.

It describes what your Supervisor needs to do, and the supervision we provide.

Go to the Internship Agreement Form

This is your Contract with the agency and SSU.

  1. Complete top section
    • Internship is available for Credit/No Credit only. No letter grade option.
    • 45 hours of work, including training, reading, observation, reporting, hands-on activity = 1 unit of credit, up to 180 hours/4 units per semester.
    • Total # of Internship plus Academic units must be within the maximum # of allowable units unless you have permission to petition to exceed this.
    • Make sure your weekly schedule and semester total hours match # units requested
  2. Complete Part A with your on-site Supervisor.
  3. Complete Part B based on information from the Information Meeting or Syllabus
  4. Put your and your Supervisor’s signatures in appropriate places.

The Supervision Information Letter describes what your Supervisor needs to do, and the supervision we provide.

These are arranged on an individualized basis with Dr. Storino.

  • You may receive credit for a Summer Internship in the Bay Area.
  • Internship Agreement Form has different submission process.
  • Payment is through the Office of Extended Education (Stev 1012).

The scholarship provides $100 support if your internship incurs unusual expenses.

Return original, completed, signed Internship Agreement form, plus 1 copy, to Dr. Meri Storino, Psychology Dept., Stevenson 3092, by the end of the Add/Drop period (2nd week of the semester).

Dr. Storino will review it and contact you if there are any questions.

Fall & Spring Internships

  • The Psychology department will gather the remaining signatures for you and send this form to Admissions & Records. You will automatically be registered. (Sometimes there is a delay until a few weeks after the end of Add/Drop.)
  • You cannot register on-line.
  • For immediate registration, please write PLEASE EXPEDITE plus the REASON (e.g., Financial Aid, Housing) at top of form.