Academic Planning Committee (APC)


Guided by the Senate approved Long Range Academic Plan and supporting documents, the Academic Planning Committee articulates academic priorities, examines their alignment with core functions and key resources of the university, evaluates the attainment on an ongoing basis, and recommends changes where appropriate. The Academic Planning Committee shall establish such subcommittees as necessary to carry out its charge.

Membership 2013-2014
Position School/Area Incumbent Dept Elect Date End of Term method by
Chair Vacant   2013 2014 elected committee
Member Arts & Humanities Scott Horstein Theater Arts 2011 2014 elected School
Member Business & Econ Vincent Richman Bus 2013 2016 elected School
Member Education Vacant Edu 2011 2014 elected School
Member Science & Technology Brigitte Lahme Math 2010 2014 elected School
Member Social Sciences Matthew Paolucci Psych 2011 2014 elected School
Member Library Nicole Lawson Lib 2013 2016 elected Library
Member SSP Vacant   2013   elected SSPs
Member At-Large Deborah Roberts Nursing 2011 2014 elected

all faculty

Member At-Large Sheila Katz Soc 2013 2016 elected all faculty
Member At-Large Jenny Bent Music 2011 2014 elected all faculty
Member Associated Students Rep Mallory Rice AS 2013 2014 appointed Associated Students
Ex-Officio Extended Education Beth Warner   Office
Ex-Officio Institutional Research Sean Johnson Director of Assessment and Analytical Studies Office
EPC Liaison to APC     2013 2014 appointed EPC