Elizabeth Joniak-Grant

Elizabeth Joniak-Grant
  • Lecturer in Sociology
  • Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Contact Information:

Email: joniakgr@sonoma.edu
Fax: 707-664-3920
Office: 2084 Stevenson

Areas of Expertise:

Interaction, Deviance, Ethnography and Qualitative Methods, Homelessness, Social Control, Institutions.

Academic Interests:

Dr. Joniak-Grant’s dissertation, “On the Street” and “Of the Street:” The Daily Lives of Unhoused Youth in Hollywood,” was based on two ethnographic projects.  It explored the daily lives of unhoused youth (commonly known as “street kids”) in Hollywood including their participation in both the licit world of mainstream society and the illicit world of the street.  The dissertation grew out of her master’s research, which focused on service provision to unhoused youth and received funding from The John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation.  During this time, Dr. Joniak-Grant was also part of a collaborative research project, "Organizational Factors in the Early Detection of HIV," funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH-MH62709).  As one of a six member team, she collected ethnographic and interview data for one year at a mobile van that provided HIV testing in areas frequented by gay men and transgender prostitutes.

Currently, Dr. Joniak-Grant is working on a manuscript and several articles based on her time spent with the unhoused youth.  She is also in the early stages of her next project--an interview study of the sociological complexities of invisible disabilities and associated policy implications.

Course Offerings:

Soci 201: Introduction to Sociology

Soci 314/CCJS 441 Deviant Behavior

Selected Publications:

Joniak, Elizabeth A. 2005. “Exclusionary Practices and the Delegitimization of Client Voice: How Staff Create, Sustain, and Escalate Conflict in a Drop-in Center for Street Kids.” American Behavioral Scientist 48:961-988.

Grusky, Oscar, and Kathleen Johnston Roberts, Aimee Noelle Swanson, Elizabeth Joniak, Jennifer Leich, Gwen McEvoy, Keith Murphy, Kristen Schilt, and Valerie Wilson. 2005. “Anonymous versus Confidential HIV Testing: Client and Provider Decision Making under Uncertainty.” AIDS Patient Care and STDs 19:157-166.