Welcome to New Student Orientation!

Congratulations on your student completing high school! We are excited that your student selected Sonoma State University. Your student's next step is to attend Summer Orientation. As a parent/guardians we hope you will attend Orientation too. Our Summer Orientation Parent/Guardian Orientation is designed to help you know as much as possible about the University so you will be in a better position to encourage and support your student while he/she is pursuing a degree at Sonoma State University. During Orientation, you will learn about academic requirements necessary for your student to get a degree and the numerous programs and services available to help them reach that goal.

Summer Orientation

Summer Orientation is a required program for all first-time freshmen and transfer students. Students attend a session specifically designated for their major. All the sessions take place in June and July, so it is essential that students plan vacation and work schedules accordingly.


The mission of the Sonoma State University New Student Orientation & Family Programs is to facilitate the successful transition of new students and their families into the campus community. Through the promotion of the University’s academic expectations and support, as well as developmental opportunities, our program assists students and their families in feeling engaged and prepared in identifying academically, socially, and culturally as a Seawolf.