Commencement information

Results of the Spring 2014 Election:

  • Chair of the Faculty - Richard Senghas
  • Vice Chair of the Faculty - Terry Lease
  • Secretary of the Senate - Maria Hess
  • Statewide Senator - Catherine Nelson
  • At-Large Senator - Matthew James
  • Lecturer Senator - Jess Hazelwood
  • Member to URTP - Ben Ford
  • At-Large to Senate Budget Subcommittee - Mark Perri
  • At-Large to Senate Diversity Subcommittee - Chingling Wo
  • At-Large to APC - Kathryn Chang
  • Faculty for Dean of A&H Search Committee - Lauren Morimoto

The Faculty Retreat of 2014

Resources from the Retreat - Check this out!!!

The 2014 Faculty Retreat flyer! Retreat Program!

Lunchtime Faculty Conversations

The Lunchtime Faculty Conversations will be continuing this spring semester!  Once again, they’ll be held from 12 to 1 in the new Faculty Center, but this time we will be in the larger informal conversation area towards the back of the Center (just ask at the front desk, when you come in).  We’ve done our best to schedule them across the work week, so that if you can’t come to all, you can at least make it to a few.  Building on last semester’s theme of faculty collaboration and networking, we’ll be using these lunchtime discussions to help faculty find colleagues to work with, share ideas with, and build community. 

To that end, we’ll be having two joint lunchtime events with the FIX Lunchtime Conversations in the Center, sponsored by the CSU and our own School of Education.  Ann Steckel, the new Director of Educational Design and Curricular Innovation says,“"Come join fellow faculty members for an enthusiastic faculty idea exchange (FIX) during a working lunch in the open space area of the SSU Faculty Center.  Lunch is provided on a first come, first serve basis. Please bring your own drinks. Conversations will be held from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. At times there will be Ed Tech topics, however participants are free to suggest topics in this open forum as we discuss the pedagogy of teaching and learning." The joint meeting dates are indicated below; please note that these dates we’ll start at 11:30, rather than 12*.

Provost Rogerson will also be attending the conversations again, and has made a special plea for faculty to come to discuss issues of concern to them about SSU, and their ideas for the future.  So bring your lunch, and come join in the conversation! The Faculty Center is located on the first floor of Schulz, with its exterior entrance just north of the lower level concrete steps.

  • January 22 (Wednesday – *joint with the FIX Lunchtime Conversation, 11:30-1)
  • February 7 (Friday)
  • February 25 (Tuesday)
  • March 10 (Monday)
  • March 26 (Wednesday – * joint with the FIX Lunchtime Conversation, 11:30-1)
  • April 14 (Monday)
  • April 29 (Tuesday)

Dates for the Faculty Idea eXchange (FIX) - 11:30 -1:00 in the Faculty Center

  • January 22 ( Wednesday -* joint with Chair and Provost conversation)
  • February 5 ( Wednesday)
  • February 19 (Wednesday)
  • March 6 (Thursday)
  • March 26 (Wednesday -*joint with Chair and Provost conversation)
  • April 23 (Wednesday)