Site Index - C

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Site Index - C
Office Phone Location
California Faculty Association 664-2711 Stev-3004A
California Reading & Literature Project 664-2257 Stev-2010
California State Employees Association (CSEA)/ SSU Chapter    
California State University, The    
Campus Clearance 664-4127 Salz-2078
Campus Food Services (see Dining Services) 664-2993 Zinf
Campus Life, Office of 664-3808 SC
Greek Life 664-4323 SC
Leadership and Peer Education 664-4323 SC
Student Organizations 664-4323 SC
Campus Maps    
Campus Operator 664-2880  
Campus Prints 664-2360 SC-2071
Campus Recreation 664-4386 RC
Wilderness Welcome Program 664-3478 RC-111
Campus Telephone Directory    
Campus Tours 664-3029 Salz-1010
Capital Planning, Design and Construction (CPDC) 664-2317 Corp
Career Services 664-2196 Salz-1070
Student Employment Opportunities 664-2196 Salz-1070
Cashier - Seawolf Service Center 664-2308 Salz-1000
Catering Services-Conferences, Events and Catering 664-4163 Commons
Center for Community Engagement 664-3202 Schlz- 1102
Center for Critical Thinking and Moral Critique 878-9100 Off Campus
Center for Distributed Learning 664-4340 Schlz-1119
Center for Environmental Inquiry 664-3416 Dar-100A
Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Analysis (CIGA) 664-3067 Stev-3032
Center for International Education 664-3943 IH-107
Foreign Student Advising 664-2582 IH-107
National Student Exchange (NSE) 664-2582 IH-107
Study Abroad 664-2582 IH-107
Center for Regional Economic Analysis 664-4256 Stev-2042B
Certificate Programs - Extended Education    
Charlie Brown's Café - Dining Services 664-3370 Schlz
Chemistry Department 664-2119 Dar-300
Chemistry Stockroom 664-2152 Dar-329
Chicano and Latino Studies (CALS) 664-2369 Nich- 214
Children's School 664-2230 Chld
Class Web Pages    
Classes, Schedule of    
Clubs, Student    
Commencement 664-2018  
Comments & Questions Form    
Common Management Systems   Schlz-1001
Commons - Dining Services 664-3978 Commons
Communication Studies Department 664-2149 Nich-330
Community Counseling Clinical Facility 664-4215 Stev-1001/1004
Compensation 664-2793 Salz-2079
Compliance, University 664-2664 Salz-2nd. Floor
Computer Help - IT Helpdesk 664-4357 Schlz-1001
Computer Science Department 664-2667 Dar-116
Conference and Event Services 664-2475 SC-3020
Construction, Design and - CPDC 664-2317 Facl
Continuing Education - see School of Extended & International Education 664-2394 Stev-1012
Contracting/Purchasing - Financial Services 664-2421 Salz-2051
Controller, University - Financial Services 664-2836 Salz-2050B
Copier Program - Service/Supplies - General Services 664-2360 Corp
Copy Center and Mail - Public Use - Student Union 664-2441 SU
Costume Rental Program 664-2216 Pers-114
Counseling and Psychological Services 664-2153 Stev-1088
Counseling Department (Graduate Program) 664-2544 Nich-220
Free Community Clinic, M.A. Counseling Department 664-4215 Salz-1001
Credentials Office - School of Education 664-2832 Stev-1078
Credit Union, Community First 664-4246 SU
Crime Statistics - Jeanne Clery Act    
Criminology and Criminal Justice 664-2934 Stev-2084
Crisis Advocate - Counseling & Psychological Services 664-2153 Stev-1088
Cross Country 664-2290 FH-102
Culinary Services 664-2993  
Café SC
Catering Menu 664-3978, 664-4163 SC
Charlie Brown's Café 664-3370 Shlz
The Kitchens SC
Lobo's SC
Overlook SC
Toast 664-3287
Weyden + Brewster SC
Vending Machines 664-2993
Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education - School of Education 664-4203 Stev-1078
Custodial Services Work Requests - Seawolf Service Center 664-4021 Salz-1000
Customer Services - Seawolf Service Center 664-2308 Salz-1000
Facilities Maintenance Requests 664-4021 Salz-1000