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Learning and Academic Resource Center

The Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC) houses three academic support programs for students: the Tutorial Program, Supplemental Instruction Program and the Writing Center. The Tutorial Program and Supplemental Instruction Program provide peer-led individual and small group learning assistance in a broad range of academic subjects. Students interested in tutoring or in supplemental instruction for challenging courses should visit the LARC home page for more information, or make a tutoring appointment. 

Writing Center

As part of the Learning and Academic Resource Center, the SSU Writing Center is a space for writers, scholars and learners to feel valued, supported and empowered in any writing context they encounter. Peer writing tutors provide support to student writers of all disciplines and abilities.

TRIO Student Support Services

United for Success is a federally funded TRiO Student Support Services program that provides a comprehensive array of academic and personal support services for first-generation, low-income and/or disabled students in order to help students reach their goal of graduating with a bachelor's degree within 6 years.

Academic Advising

The Advising Center is dedicated to assisting undeclared students through the many academic ups and downs, questions and concerns about courses, GE requirements, student life and career goals.

Multilingual Achievers Program (MAP) 

Multilingual Achievers (MAP) is the TRiO program formerly known as Multingual Learners (MLL) designed to offer futher instructional support to eligible students.

Disability Services for Students (DSS)

Disability Services for Students ensures that people with disabilities receive equal access to higher education. We work to protect and promote the civil rights of students with disabilities. We challenge and support students to develop self-determination and independence as people with disabilities.

Career Services

Sonoma State Career Services provides comprehensive career services to students through career development, experiential learning, resume development, on-campus recruitment and employer networking

Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) Program

The MESA program is an academic enrichment program that supports and motivates underrepresented students in the science, technology, engineering and math fields to pursue and persist in STEM undergraduate education and careers.