Program Director


Debora Hammond has been teaching in the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies since 1996. She completed her doctoral work in the history of science at the University of California at Berkeley, focusing on the history of systems thinking.

She has been particularly interested in finding ways to nurture more participatory, co-creative approaches to decision making. Her teaching in the Hutchins School, which emphasizes student-centered interactive learning, is an active embodiment of this orientation. In addition to teaching undergraduate courses on healthcare, monetary systems, and food systems, she works with graduate students in the Action for a Viable Future MA program, and is actively involved in the local community on food policy and sustainability. Beginning in the fall of 2009, she began working with Saul Eisen to take over as Director of the Organization Development MA Program, and assumed full responsibility for the program in the fall of 2011.

Program Faculty

barkley.jpgMargaret Barkley has been teaching and facilitating groups for twenty years. She received an M.A. in Psychology from SSU with a focus on group facilitation and collaborative learning, and taught in the SSU Psychology Department, teaching core courses and a specialized course for students with math anxiety. She facilitated Interpersonal Dynamics in the MBA Department at Stanford University as part of their facilitation training program, and later facilitated the same course as adjunct faculty in the Law Department of the University of San Francisco.

Margaret has led a writing group for fourteen years and has worked with a wide range of groups with particular interest in Depth Psychology. She is principal of Barkley & Associates, a real estate brokerage in Sonoma County, and has extensive experience in helping groups form intentional community. She is especially passionate about self-awareness and communication skills as essential tools for interpersonal effectiveness. 


Andrea Dyer is a founder of Demeter Matrix Alliance, an alliance of senior practitioners who provide coaching, consulting, education, and facilitation to guide leaders and organizations in their efforts to create sustainable excellence. Andrea has worked as a consultant with organizations for over 20 years. One distinguishing aspect of her work is the ability to address the systemic relationship between organizational structure, culture, leaders, and teams--thereby creating conditions to produce lasting change.

Andrea works with her clients to recognize that they will not be as successful in the future operating from their assumptions of the past. Some of her clients have included Agilent, Archstone Smith, The Coca-Cola Company, The Crowden Music Center, Hewlett Packard, Levi-Strauss & Company, The Minute Maid Company, Moody's KMV, Pillsbury Winthrop, Ploughshares Fund, and Sun Microsystems. She has been a presenter at several conferences and workshops on the topics of integral coaching, leading strategic conversations, and organizational learning.

Andrea is credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation and New Ventures West, a premier and well established Coaching Organization.


Sara Tickler, Psy.D.,has been a principal consultant for the past 20 years. She brings to her work a depth of experience and expertise in organization development, change management, business process improvement, survey construction and delivery, and conflict resolution. Sara has worked with a wide variety of government and private clients. Sara holds a Doctorate Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a Master of Arts in Organization Development.


David Warner, M.A. is a business consultant, executive coach, and trainer specializing in whole-system approaches to organization and team development. He consults nationally to organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors to help leaders and groups work more effectively. As a facilitator, he helps large and small groups manage their agendas and meet their goals.

Dave has a passion for training. Highly skilled in instructional design, he takes great pleasure in developing client-specific curricula. His knowledge of work systems and corporate culture, coupled with his ability to assess organizational needs, allows him to design and present relevant, engaging training that people are excited to put to use.

Both a qualified administrator of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and a certified trainer in The Enneagram in Business, Dave is an expert in personality typing systems and believes in the value of the common language they bring to teams and businesses. He is currently using the Enneagram (an ancient and widely applicable nine-point system for understanding personality, motivation, and behavior) to help organizations learn to communicate effectively, manage conflict, develop high-performing teams, and increase leadership competency and effectiveness.


Dr. Dale Ainsworth has worked in a variety of industries and non-profit settings in leadership and consultant roles focused on transition and change planning, implementation, and management. He is an accomplished group facilitator with experiences in a variety of cultural settings. Dale has spent much of his career working in the nonprofit sector consulting to multi-stakeholder collaborations working to accomplish common goals.

Dale holds a Master of Science degree from Pepperdine University in Organization Development, and a PhD degree from Saybrook University in Organizational Systems. Dale continues to research and lead efforts to develop capacity in transorganizational systems, where multiple organizations work together to accomplish a common, large-scale goal.

In addition to his consulting practice, Dr. Ainsworth is a full-time faculty member at California State University, Sacramento. He is a published author and frequently presents to audiences on the topic of collaboration as a means to address large-scale issues and intractable problems.