SSU Symphonic Chorus

The SSU Symphonic Chorus (formerly University Chorus) is a large group comprised of music majors, students from other majors, staff, faculty and members of the community.

Symphonic Chorus rehearses on Monday evenings from 7-9:40 p.m. Singers must pass a simple audition to enter the group, but sight-singing skills are not required.

Numbering over 80 singers under the direction of Dr. Jenny Bent, the Symphonic Chorus presents two-to-three major concerts each semester, performing large works such as the Mozart Requiem and Orff's Carmina Burana, as well as thematic projects including Music of Latin America and The Long Road to Freedom.

Beginning with a special Sunrise Choral concert during the Green Music Center’s 2012 grand opening weekend, the Symphonic Chorus has made its permanent home in the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Hall at Sonoma State University.

SSU Symphonic Chorus Audition Results
The first rehearsal will be held February 2nd at 7pm in Weill Hall.


Symphonic Chorus Fall 2015


(Thank you all who auditioned! Our first rehearsal will be September 14th at 7pm in Weill Hall)


Avalon Bates
Kasey Bauer
Caitlin Burns
Madison Crook
Rene De Amarel
Lauren Estes
Robyn Fritschen
Eliza Giallongo
Marie Halcrow
Melissa Hubbelll
Zoe Kaufman
Amanda Kreklau
Elizabeth Marshall
Barbara Mills
Josephine Ockrassa
Caitlin Plovnick
Mackenzie Roche
Terry Teplitz
Amy Thoits
Amber Toomey
Paulette Quiba
Isabella Quintana
Elizabeth Robertson
Kaela Wall
Madeline Yee


Stephanie Bangs
Christine Campbell
Sheldon Cornwell
Kristine Duran
Daisy Ernst
Katelin Finkbeiner
Sam Hamill
Emily Hernandez
Krisli Hyland
Elizabeth Grace Kelly
Rachel Levin
Kiyoko Mangrobang
Ellen Meuse
Liz Park
Emily Romero
Molly Roth
Ameila Saunders
Margaret Starr
Maura Tomassetti
Maya Thompson
Maura Tomassetti
Elaine Watkins


Steve Bates
Anthony Macy
Kyle McKissick
Larry Mills
Dale Trowbridge
Jeremy Vaughan
Max Vicas


Mathew Adiao
Daniel Alderson
Richard Aragundi
Whitney Campbell
Rodrigo Castillo
Randall Graetsch
Robert L. Givens, Jr
Ken Matsueda
Davin Polchow
Jason Ray
Jim Roth
August Stadtfeld
Ron Stevens
Dan Versman
Malik-Charles Wade


Thank you all who auditioned. The first rehearsal will be held September 14 at 7pm in Weill Hall.