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Dr. Lorna Catford, Program Director

Click on the Video link to hear a lecture.

Autism Lecture Series: Fall 2008 Spring 2008 Fall 2007 Spring 2007 Fall 2006

1/23/08         Discovering Autism: Potential indicators of Autism Spectrum Disorders and diagnostic questions that need to be answered to determine an autism diagnosis.

Todd Payne PsyD, North Bay Regional Center, expert in the diagnosis of autism and other developmental disorder

2/6/08        Early Intervention Teaching Strategies: How to engage the hard-to-engage child using evidence- & practice-based strategies including structured teaching, sensory-based curriculum, and Floortime-inspired activities.

Pat Boblitt SH/LH specialist with over 30 years experience working with young children with autism. Currently working for Early Learning Institute with children ages 12-36 months

Laura Temple MA, Special Education Teacher & Autism “best-practice” specialist with young children for 11 years

2/20/08         Sensory Processing Differences in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Sensory integration theory & strategies, plus the role of the occupational therapist.

Kristy Boblitt, MS in Occupational Therapy, Certified in Sensory Integration & Praxis Testing & Treatment.  OT specialist for 10 years with children of all ages

3/5/08         Visual Strategies for Communication Skill Development: Making Language Visible...why, when, how to use visuals and adaptive devices to enhance communication with children who are non-verbal or have expressive or receptive language delays.

Pamela Heck RSP, SH/LH Special Education teacher, with 27 years experience with children and adults, 22 years with Sonoma County Office of Education, Debra Wilcox MA in Speech Pathology, Credentialed in Adaptive Technology, 15 years at the Special Education Local Plan Area Adaptive Technology Center

Development: Overview of emotional development & primary social skill deficits of autism, plus ideas for social skill development including interpersonal skill training & Soc

3/19/08         Social SkillDevelopment: Overview of emotional development & primary social skill deficits of autism, plus ideas for social skill development including interpersonal skill training & Social Stories.

Suzanne Tribbey, MA, NCSP,  North County Consortium Preschool Psychologist

4/2/08         Taming Tantrums: Creating a safe environment, & strategies for de-escalating potentially unsafe behaviors

Marc Pieper, Behavioral consultant, ANOVA Center for Education

4/16/08         What Parents Should Know about Education Rights for Children with Autism: What the law says, how parents and educational teams can work together, and what to do if it doesn’t work.

Carlo Rossi,Independent Child Advocate, and Special Education Instructor at San Francisco State University

David Sherman, Special needs attorney, and author of Autism: Asserting your Child’s Right to a Special Education

4/30/08         Evidence-Based Best Practices and How to Select the Right Ones for Your Child: An Update on the California Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guidelines for Effective Interventions Project.

Steve Lohrer, Ph.D., Project Director, Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guidelines Project

5/14/08         Young Adults Transitioning from School to the Big Wide World: What's the process, and how can we make it easier for children before, during and after their major school and living transition?

Carol Fremault BS, Education, Executive Director: California Programs for the Autistic, Steve Sweet MA, Behavioral Consultant, Carin Lawrence, Chief of Services: Becoming Independent, Richard Ruge MRA, North Bay Regional

5/28/08         What it’s Like to Be Autistic: Adults with autism spectrum diagnoses share their experiences of living with autism, and answer questions from an insider’s perspective.

Daniel Geisler, William Montero, Julia Pozsgai, Jennie Schultz & Scott Strayer, active adults with a variety of interests and life-styles, who have an autism spectrum diagnosis










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