Welcome to the Office of the Registrar

We are located on the 2nd floor of Salazar Hall. Feel free to call us (707.664.2778) and ask for Records, or click on "Contact Us" if you have any questions or problems. Our office hours are:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

Registration Dates and Unit Limits for Fall 2014


April 21st, Monday - Priority Groups
April 21st, Monday - Post Baccalaureate
April 22nd, Tuesday - 2nd BA/BS students
April 22nd, Tuesday - Seniors (90+ units)
April 23rd, Wednesday - Juniors (60-89 units)
April 24th, Thursday - Sophomores (30-59 units)
April 25th, Friday - Freshmen (0-29 units)

Unit Load:
16 units for Undergraduates
18 units for Graduate and Credential Students
Wait List: 12 units

Requests for more than 16 units eligibility is to be determined


Registration continues July 28th – August 8th (no appointment required)


Late Registration (no appointment required and late fee will be charged) is August 13th – September 3rd.

Note: the late fee is only assessed for first time registrants.  It does not apply to students already registered and making changes to an existing schedule.

Fee Due Dates: July 1, August 8th, September 3rd

Students who register April 21st through May 30th, fees are due July 1st. Students who do not have their fees paid or a financial award in place by July 1st will be dropped from classes and will have to re-add classes during August registration.

Students who register June 1st through August 8th , fees are due August 8th. Students who do not have their fees paid or a financial award in place will be dropped from classes and will not be eligible for reinstatement for Fall 2014.

Students who register August 13 - September 3rd, fees are due September 3rd. September 3rd is the Final Fee Payment deadline. Students must file withdraw paperwork with Admissions and Records in order to be dropped from all classes; pro-rated cancellation charges will apply. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal.

Waitlisted? Here are answers to your questions

What is a waitlist? If a class is full, a student can request to be placed on a waitlist to enroll in the class if a seat becomes available. When a student is added to the waitlist, he/she is assigned the next available position number. View our Waitlist FAQs for more information.

Note: The waitlist will run
April 21st through May 30th,
July 26th through August 6th,
August 13th through September 3rd

Course Repeats

Undergraduate students: If you will be registering for a Fall 2014 course that is a repeat of a class previously taken, please review the course repeat policy and be mindful of filing deadlines.

When do you plan to GRADUATE?

Fall 2014? Spring 2015? ALL graduation filing information and procedures.

Have you registered to vote?

By visting the National Voter Registration Card you can access a form that can be filled out online, printed at home or on campus, and mailed directly to your local elections official.

It's up to you!

Students, check your Seawolf Webmail account regularly for university information. You are responsible for changing your addresses and phone numbers online.See the IT Helpdesk for information about using your email account. Info about your Seawolf Webmail account.

national student clearinghouse

The National Student Clearinghouse is
our authorized agent for providing
Please contact them at the National Student Clearing House or 703.742.4200.