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People often think of the wine business in terms of making wine, or selling grapes. The complexity of tending to a vineyard or producing wine often overwhelms entrepreneurs looking to start a winery, or the owners of small family businesses in the wine industry. As a result, the journey into wine becomes stressful or chaotic.

The focus of wine entrepreneurship is to provide principals of small wine businesses (or those who aspire to enter the industry) with the space and the time to reflect on their vision. It will aid them in developing a business path for a profitable new product, new business or career in the wine industry.

Over a period of 8 weeks participants in the seminar will be exposed to key aspects of the wine business including the regulatory climate for making and selling wine, financial frameworks to develop a vineyard and winery or create a virtual brand and different models for profitability. You will hear from industry leaders and veterans who will describe their experiences and lessons learned. By the end of the course every participant will have the tools and frameworks to critically evaluate the competitive landscape and make decisions on a course of action.

Deliverable:  A written business path and its presentation developed and honed over 8 weeks.

Instructor: Anisya Fritz, Ph.D. 

The next offering of this certificate course will be during Spring semester of 2016

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