Red Condor Spam Filtering

All employees with an Exchange email account will receive a Daily Digest listing mail items that have been quarantined. Links in the digest will allow you to view/release any possible false positives, provide feedback to the Red Condor system, and add addresses to your whitelist and blacklist, which are called "Friends" and "Enemies" in Red Condor.

Quarantined messages are stored in your Personal Dashboard which is accessed via a website link sent to you via email in your Daily Digest.

Helpful Links about Red Condor:

  1. For an introduction you can watch this video about the Personal Dashboard.
  2. Detailed FAQ with search
  3. Report spam directly from Microsoft Outlook with this Toolbar Plugin. You can contact the IT Help Desk if you need help installing this.
  4. How to add someone to your friends list (whitelist) or put someone on your Enemies list (blacklist).
  5. To change your password, sign up again, or log in to your Personal Dashboard you can go to SSU Red Condor and click on Personal Dashboard.