Daisy Meyer, Graduating Senior

meyer.jpg"Try something new." Graduating senior and student commencement speaker, Daisy Meyer, took that advice to heart as a freshman.

That's when she registered for the university's summer Wilderness Welcome Program.

"It's one of the most memorable things I've done in college. Looking back, a lot of things are a blur, but I can still remember everything about that trip," says Meyer.

The trip included a weeklong backpacking and kayaking excursion along the coast. "We went rock climbing and slept on the crash pads. That was the first place I slept at Sonoma State," she recalls.

After her exposure to campus recreation through the summer program, something clicked. Meyer's involvement with Sonoma State's Rec Center's progressed as she found herself involved in the Center's SunFest and as she later took on a coordinator position of the same Wilderness Welcome Program she'd attended as a freshman.

Meyer has also used her experience in graphic design to establish the Campus Recreation Marketing department and design their logos.

"If you would have told me after high school, that in college I would hold twelve leadership positions, I never would have believed you," Meyer says.

Apart from Meyer's multiple leadership positions within the Recreation Center, she is active as a Community Service Advisor (CSA) and a host of KSUN's late-night radio show, "Midnight Snack."

"When I have a lot of things on my plate it makes me more organized," Meyer explains. "I'm busy all day, but I get it all in." Meyer has also managed to "get in" plans for her second marathon next month.

"Someone put on their Facebook under 'college experience' a triangle that says 'choose two' and it's 'maintain grades, social life, and sleep,'" says Meyer. "For me it's grades and social life. Not so much sleep."

Her hard work has not gone unnoticed. Mike Dominguez, Meyer's boss at the Recreation Center has only good things to say of his employee. "Daisy is a terrific student and an amazing person," he said.

If there's a balance between work and academics, Daisy Meyer seems to have found it. "This college experience has been a really, really good one," she says.

Far from finished with "trying new things," Meyer looks forward to joining the Peace Corps after she receives her B.A. in Environmental Studies and Planning later this month. Her advice for incoming freshmen is simple.

"Try something. There's no harm in trying something new and then you'll want to try everything. Start with anything," she says.

Daisy Meyer will deliver the student commencement speech at the 3 p.m. ceremony of Sonoma State University's 50th Annual Commencement, taking place Saturday, May 28 on the Commencement Lawn. For more information about the various commencement speakers, visit www.sonoma.edu/uaffairs/commencement/speakers.html.

-- Written by Katherine Bolce, NewsCenter student contributor

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