Computer Science Department Creates Mobile App for Campus Community

mzl.shrndpma.320x480-75.jpgA two-year long project by Computer Science students has led to the launch of a free iPhone app called Sonoma State Mobile which has been launched officially this week as part of the University's 50th anniversary year-long celebration.

The app is available through the iTunes Apple store and features important services for the campus community as well as the community at large.

The latest version of the project was developed by Jeff Neong who used it as his senior project under the guidance of Dr. Ali Kooshesh, chair of the Computer Science and the Engineering Science departments.

Future developments, and there are many that have been requested, will be handled by current SSU student Phil Lucid.

"We have a lot of talented students who are passionate about learning inside and outside of the classroom," says Kooshesh about the effort which has proven attractive to many students on campus as they returned this year. "The project's success is equally due to the work of the Computer Science faculty who are supportive of student ideas and are always willing to team with them to realize their potential."

Sonoma State Mobile's current features include:

Directory service: provides search capability for people and departments. Once a person has been located, it displays their contact info and has the ability to call their office number or e-mail them.

Map: displays a map of the campus and for each building. When tapped, it displays a list of departments in that building. From there, the users can access the department directory.

KSUN radio: makes it possible to listen to SSU's KSUN radio and allow it to continue to play in the background.

Calendar: displays the student activities calendar and makes it possible to filter by event types, such as lectures, sports, meeting, etc.

News: displays up-to-date news items from the campus online NewsCenter and filters based on news categories.

Favorites: makes it possible to form a list of contacts that are accessed frequently. Students can tag their current professors so that they are able to display their contact information without performing a search each time.

Resources: a list of campus resources and their phone numbers and web-sites, such as, Student Health Center, IT, Police Services.

Email : provides access to student G-mail accounts only at this time.

The app was uploaded earlier this year in February and months of testing have already led to more than 500 downloads.

For further information, contact Dr. Ali Kooshesh is (707) 664-2088. or e-mail

The app can be viewed at the iTunes web site at

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