Former Business Manager of Santa Rosa Center at SFSU, Dick Childs Passed Away

Mr. Dick Childs, SSU's first business manager at the Santa Rosa Center of SFSU, passed away last week. He was 85. Dr. Ambrose Nichols, SSU's founding president, hired Mr. Childs from a campus in Idaho to head up what became Sonoma State College's business function. Mr. Childs stayed with the campus from the Santa Rosa Center to the Rohnert Park temporary campus and then to its present location. He was business manager until Mr. Ben Quong became the business manager.

"I saw Dick recently and he was having heart and breathing problems, but he was still the strong man and good friend he has always been. He played a major role in the beginnings of Sonoma State, helping establish our business practices and procedures," says Jim Schoenthal, former campus employee.

Mr. Childs has two daughters and his wife who currently lives in Brentwood, CA. A funeral is scheduled for April 28.

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