Romesburg Leads Efforts to Write LGBT History for K-12

romesburg.jpgWomen and Gender Studies chair Don Romesburg is leading the effort to bring LGBT-inclusive revisions to the California Department of Education K-12 history and social sciences framework, in order to bring it into compliance with the FAIR Education Act (Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful Education Act).

Romesburg is the current co-chair of the Committee on LGBT History, a national affiliated society of the American Historical Association.

The project comes from a multi-year effort with the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, a key advocacy group pushing for passage and implementation of the FAIR Act. GSA Network secured funding for the framework revision project and will release the final report.

Early this summer, Romesburg created the implementation plan and built the Executive Committee. Since then, the committee has been working with a team of more than a dozen scholars of queer history from around the country. They have made suggested revisions based on their areas of expertise ranging from Early America through the Cold War.

Now, the Executive Committee is drafting, editing, and finalizing the final report, which will be completed this month and submitted to the California Department of Education.

"This obviously has a big potential to transform awareness of LGBT history and historical scholarship from elementary school up, and to establish the California standards as a precedent-setting leader as efforts for similar reform occur across the nation," Romesburg says.

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