Meet the SSU Student Health Advisory Committee Team

See the SHAC by-laws for officer and membership details.

Officers: The Vice Chair is an elected SSU Associated Students officer appointed to SHAC by the A.S. Senate. All other officers are student members of SHAC elected to officer positions by the SHAC membership.

Austin Hartford

Ella MacCloskey
vice chair

Vice Chair - A.S. Elected Officer

vice chairAllison Nelson
vice chair

Shauna Fassino
Events Coordinator

vice chairMegan
Officer at Large

  • The Vice Chair will be an elected Officer of the Associated Students Senate and will be appointed soon by the AS Senate.

Advisors: are SSU Student Health Center staff and administrators.

Membership: members are a diverse group of SSU students drawn from a variety of student constituencies and also from the student body at large as described in the SHAC bylaws.

See Org under Sonoma State University and Student Health Advisory Committee/SHAC for a complete list of SHAC members.