Welcome to the School of Social Sciences!

The School of Social Sciences offers knowledge and skills that prepare our graduates to live richly rewarding personal, professional, and social lives while understanding and appreciating human complexity in a global society.

The school contributes to the political, economic, and cultural literacy of its citizens while expanding and preserving knowledge. It is a regional center for active social change and human betterment, advocacy, and planning. The school maintains an environment conducive to personal and professional growth attained through equality, shared governance, and open communication.


School News

Spring 2015 Brown Bag Lecture Series

Bring your brown bag lunch, a drink, relax, and enjoy hearing and discussing current research by faculty in the School of Social Sciences.

SSCI 299  Sophomore Seminar: How to Think Like a Social Scientist

What is a social scientist?  How does the study of human beings and societies provide tools for understanding contemporary politics, relationships, and the world around us?

2014 Summer Research Grants

12 School of Social Science faculty members received $1,250 each to help fund their research as part of the Summer Research Grant program.