EOP Academy

If you have been accepted into the EOP program, you do not need to make an FLC selection. We are known for providing individual attention to student needs and strong mentoring relationships between EOP students and their faculty and advisors. The goals of the EOP Academy are to further encourage the sense of community and student friendships started at Summer Bridge, and to help you effectively meet graduation requirements.

EOP students come from low-income communities all over California and share the desire to be the first in their family to graduate from college. By taking part in the EOP Academy, you start that journey in the company of others who are walking this same path. Whatever your major or intended career, the EOP Academy is a great way to begin your required college coursework, build community and gain confidence in yourself as a college student.

As the most diverse of the Freshman Learning Cohorts (FLCs), the students, faculty and staff of the EOP Academy create a supportive community that enthusiastically values and encourages multiculturalism. Our students take part in Freshman Seminar, a class similar to AVID or Upward Bound, and two additional classes with other EOP Freshmen. You will also take two more classes with other incoming Freshmen. The EOP Academy introduces you to support services, leadership opportunities, and a wide variety of campus social activities to help you feel at home at Sonoma. We have a strong tradition of our students going on to leadership positions across the campus.

Living Arrangements: The EOP Academy is not linked to a particular dorm or residence hall. You don't have to live on campus to be a part of the EOP Academy, and if you do live on campus, you don't have to live in a particular dorm.

Planning on living on campus? Some campus living areas have higher costs, and your financial aid grants are not likely to cover them fully. Some living spaces will probably require you to take out higher student loans. We strongly recommend the Residential Double Suites in Zinfandel and Verdot for financial reasons. For more information about costs associated with any FLC, go to the SSU Housing rate schedule.

While EOP Freshmen can choose to participate in any of the FLCs, the EOP Academy is our preferred choice for all incoming EOP Freshmen. We believe that it will give you the best possible chance to succeed during your critical first year in college. For more information on EOP, Summer Bridge and the EOP Academy, please go to the EOP website or contact an EOP Advisor at (707) 664-2427.