Global Learning Experience

In this freshman learning community, all students enroll in a 2-unit per semester course that covers A3 objectives (MLL161A/B: Critical Encounters in Languages and Cultures). All students must also enroll in either FR 101.2, GER 101.2, or SPAN 201.2, thus covering C3.

Students must enroll in the spring 2-unit class as well, but taking a second semester of language as an elective counting toward graduation is optional. 


MLL161A (Critical Encounters in Languages and Cultures) Lecture (required)
2 units

Language Seminar (FR 101.2, GER 101.2, or SPAN 201.2) (required)
4 units


MLL161B (Critical Encounters in Languages and Cultures) Lecture (required)
2 units

Language Seminar FR 102, GER 102, or SPAN 202 (optional)
4 units

This course is designed for first-year college students interested in studying another language and/or for students who are considering studying abroad during their college career. Students will enroll in MLL161A, “Critical Encounters in Languages and Cultures,” a year-long, 2-unit course that will examine various examples of contact between diverse cultures and languages and how they shape the lives of bilingual and multilingual speakers in California and beyond. Students will explore images of self and others through travel writing, art, literary texts, film, music and ethnography.In the fall semester, students will also enroll in a language class (French 101, German 101 or Spanish 201). This learning community will provide students with an opportunity to compare and contrast experiences across languages, thus multiplying critical perspectives. Offering pathways to study abroad, this course also connects academic content to preparation for future participation in SSU’s International Programs.

To register in FR 101 or GER 101, no previous language study is required. To register in SPAN 201, you must have completed two years of Spanish in high school, 2 semesters of college-level Spanish, or the equivalent.

GE Requirement:
Lower division language courses count for GE credit in the C3 area if, and only if you have NOT previously studied the language you are choosing to study in this Humanities Leaning Community. For example, if you want to participate in this Global Learning Experience and have already taken one year of German in high school, GER 101 would not count as a GE, but you could register in FR 101 and have it count as a GE area C3.

If you are considering a major or a minor in French, German, or Spanish, and you are already more advanced than FR 101, GER 101, or SPAN 201, we recommend that you use this great opportunity to study a new language! You can never learn too many languages, and your brain cells will serve you better and longer. Also, for more information on all language programs, please visit our website at: