Living-Learning Community: Freshman Year Experience (FYE)

The Freshman Year Experience (FYE) is a unique opportunity to engage in a supportive learning community that helps students make connections between their classes and all of the other aspects that make up a college student's life. All 192 FYE students live together in one of two on-campus residences and enroll in the year-long course UNIV 150: Identity and Global Challenges. Within this small living-learning community, professors, peer mentors, residential life staff, and FYE students work together to create an engaging educational experience that encompasses both classroom work and real-life events and issues. This exciting opportunity will help you to expand your educational interests and think about your life in a whole new way.

FYE is centered around Univ 150: Freshman Year Experience. This year-long course, designed especially for entering freshmen, combines student development with the academic curriculum in a supportive learning community. The themes for this course are self-identity (fall semester) and global identity (spring semester). Essential writing, speaking, critical thinking, and information competence skills are integrated with an introduction to the academic disciplines across topics and readings that challenge students to think about their own identity, personal goals, and the purpose of education.

Lectures, readings and small-group discussions challenge students to think about critical issues college freshmen face as they become adults in today's world. Together UNIV 150A and UNIV 150B fulfill General Education requirements in Areas C3 (Humanities) and A3 (Critical Thinking). The remaining three units count as electives towards graduation.

Although residentially based, there are a few spots available in FYE for students who are not living on campus.

FYE Residential Activities might include:

  • Film series
  • Dinners with faculty
  • Opportunities to develop multimedia expertise in FYE computer lab sessions
  • Trips to San Francisco, the Sonoma Coast, the redwoods, or other nearby attractions
  • Special FYE-based study sessions in the dorm to support your writing, oral communication, or critical thinking skills

More Information

For more information on FYE, please go to the FYE webpage.

A completed Housing License Agreement is required to sign up for this option, and requests are considered in a first come, first served order by License Agreement date. Please go to the Housing Office's website to find more information on submitting your Housing License Agreement.