ATI Priority 2, Meeting Notes
April 17, 2007

In attendance: Carol Blackshire-Belay, Brent Boyer, Brett Christie, Kathryn Crabbe, Vanessa Franklin, Aidong Hu, Neil Markley, Anna Reynolds-Smith, Bonnie Sugiyama, Carol Tremmel

  1. Update regarding Textbook Adoption Policy and presentations to EPC & APC.
    • Second reading to EPC was April 5th. Next reading April 26th (TC TBA)
      • Review latest draft of policy circulated, with excerpt from IMAP Template, as related to Items 1-3.
    • Meeting was held on April 19th (1-2p; Schulz 1104) to focus on database/process.
      • Project has been added to IT queue.
      • B&N Regional Manager attended, regarding Text Aid and overall purchasing issues (e.g., late-hire orders).
      • Text Aid demo has been scheduled for May 15, 9-10a
  2. Update regarding Course Outline Policy.
    • Brett presenting to FSAC on April 26th.
    • Draft circulated to Priority 2 group.
  3. IMAP Report Update
  4. SSU ATI Information Circulation
    • Discussion with Sandy Destiny
      • NewsBytes series to begin
        • April 27 - About ATI
        • May 4- Open Forum
    • messages. Bi-weekly?
  5. ATI Open Forum
    • May 11, 1-2:30p, Schulz 3001.
    • Speakers to include Carol Blackshire-Belay, Brett Christie, Barbara Moore, Ruth McDonnell, Brent Boyer, Emiliano Ayala, Cathy Kroll, and Kirsten Ely.
  6. Learning and Teaching Center
    • Opening August 2007. How can services and relationships support ATI? Will work with Library to make sure it fits within their plan. Brett meeting with Barbara Butler on 4/26 & 5/2.
  7. Digital Solutions Publisher Showcase
    • May 3rd, 9a-4p @ SJSU.
  8. SJSU Spring Forum @ SJSU, April 27, 10a-4p.
    • "Access to the Curriculum for Everyone: How Universal Design for Learning Includes Students with Diverse Cognitive and Physical Abilities." Keynote Address: Sharron Rush, Knowbility.
  9. ATI/EnACT Summer Institute
    • July 9-11 at San José State University. More TBA.
    • More info to come as of May 1, with reg beginning mid-May.
    • Approximately 12 people from SSU (ATI and EnACT)