ATI Priority 2, Group 1 Meeting Notes
April 17, 2007

Priority Group 2, Items 1-3 Related to Instructional Materials

In attendance: Brent Boyer, Brett Christie, Vanessa Franklin, Aidong Hu, Neil Markley, Anna Reynolds-Smith

  1. Update regarding Textbook Adoption Policy and presentations to EPC and APC. Presentation to FSAC on April 26th.
    • Second reading to EPC was April 5th. Next reading April 26th (TC TBA)
      • Review latest draft of policy.
      • Suggestion was made to provide EPC with Items 1-3 of the IMAP Template for discussion so they can see the whole scope of what we are being asked to do. Brett will do this for the 4/26 meeting with EPC.
      • Another suggestion was toward possible incentives from the Bookstore (or VPAA).
  2. Meeting on April 19th (1-2p; Schulz 1104) to focus on database/process.
    • Project has been added to IT queue. Discuss initial steps toward working together on this.
    • B&N Regional Manager to attend, regarding Text Aid.
    • Further discussion regarding SSU Textbook Adoption Policy draft.
  3. Update regarding Course Outline Policy.
    • Brett presenting to FSAC on April 26th.
    • Draft briefly reviewed and remained as is for presentation to FSAC.
  4. IMAP Report Update
  5. ATI Open Forum
    • May 11, 1-2:30p, Schulz 3001.
    • Speakers to include Carol Blackshire-Belay, Brett Christie, Barbara Moore, Brent Boyer, Ruth McDonnell, Emiliano Ayala, Cathy Kroll, and Kirsten Ely.
  6. Learning and Teaching Center
    • Opening August 2007. Need to consider an "ATI hub," as long as it fits within Library's plan for the space. Will await further dialog with Barbara Butler as to LTC operations and ATI collaborations.
  7. Digital Solutions Publisher Showcase
    • May 3rd, 9a-4p @ SJSU.
  8. SJSU Spring Forum @ SJSU, April 27, 10a-4p.
    • "Access to the Curriculum for Everyone: How Universal Design for Learning Includes Students with Diverse Cognitive and Physical Abilities." Keynote Address: Sharron Rush, Knowbility.
  9. ATI/EnACT Summer Institute
    • July 9-11 at San José State University. More TBA.