Steering Committee Meeting Minutes September 16, 2009

10:00-11:00am (Schulz 2019)


  1. General update
    1. Current thinking about ATI (from the Executive Sponsors Conference calls) summarized:
      Expectations have been officially revised. Goals and timelines of the original coded memo are extended while a new version is being developed. Change in perspective to adoption of view that incremental progress according to campus capacity is the key to success. This is a much different environment than heretofore.

      Last several Exec Sponsors conference call meetings (during the summer) have focused on discussing current conditions both centrally and locally for moving forward with ATI in the CSU. New thinking about how to move forward based on experience of last few years and realization that the implementation of ATI as originally proposed was not realistic. There is now growing awareness of the larger environment that has to incorporate vendor management and development as well as understanding where and how to provide a central solution for all CSU campuses to use.

      The current Coded Memo is automatically extended to June 2010. This provides the time to develop a revised memo based on thoughtful analysis and our experience of the last few years.

      The revised memo will be more process oriented, more campus focused, addressing how to move forward on an individual campus basis.

    2. Clarification that there is little or no funding at SSU at this time to devote to ATI; for example, contracts such as extension of HiSoftware will not be continued.

    3. New CIO for the CSU, Amir Dabirian (from Fullerton) is very familiar with ATI; he is a proponent for centralized efforts from which all campuses may benefit; also expresses the view that vendor management is critical.

    4. Kashack offered to update the campus regarding the current status of ATI based on the memo from D. Kaplan outlining priorities for 2009.
  2. Current status of ATI priority areas for SSU
    1. Priority 1 (Administrative Web Accessibility – B. Moore

      The University Web Advisory Committee is meeting regularly to address campus web standards in general, including accessibility. The Web Team has been meeting every other week, working on a draft for a Web Standards document. These are mostly technical requirements, but also include minimum content requirements for each page, and some guidelines for navigation, usability and style. These will be given to the University Web Advisory Committee for review. This will give them a starting point for drafting an updated campus web policy.

      The campus web server was upgraded over the summer. As part of that, Movable Type was upgraded to version 4. This will allow work to start on plans to offer Web Content Management to departments. Extended Education, School of Business & Economics and University Affairs have started to develop MT sites. Later this semester, intention is to develop a MT University Template that other departments could adopt. Web Content Management was part of our Web Accessibility Implementation Plan.

    2. Priority 2 (Instructional Materials Accessibility)

      A small portion of the ITS Video Production budget has been set aside to pay for captioning of videos that ITS produces for instructional and administrative websites.
      Accessible Word Documents training continuing.(see training section below) Suggestion made to develop a customer friendly approach for faculty on how to find the resources they will need to get the training that is available and how to access it. It was suggested that ATI steering committee perhaps look during this “down time” for a way to provide to faculty a “cafeteria” style offering of the training around the initiative. Perhaps take a look at how it is currently organized, find out what works for whom, and communicate it to the faculty so they can access training at their pace.
    3. Priority 3 (E & IT Procurement)

      No report.

  3. SSU ATI plan for 09-10
    Draft (June 2009) distributed. Suggest that the plan for 09-10 be reviewed and revised, where necessary, at the ATI Steering Committee October meeting.
  4. Workshops and training
    ATI Professional Development for Accessible Technology

    SSU workshops listed on CTPD link

  5. SSU accessibility issues discussion

    Text book adoption still viewed as problematic; compliance very low at faculty end; even if orders were made in timely manner, things appear to have fallen apart at the bookstore end; issue of definition of “Readers” as textbooks.

    The demand for accessible textbooks continues to increase so the adoption process surely needs to be addressed asap.

    Policy level concerns regarding textbook adoption should be directed to Richard Senghas.

    B. Butler will consolidate concerns expressed. Please send her your observations.
  6. Other

    Query whether Moodle will be implemented as the new LMS. It is currently being tested. The subscription to WEB CT expires in June. Should Moodle be considered? Concern that pilot be wrapped up asap to meet tight timelines if a conversion lies ahead.

    Attachments [documents handed out at meeting will be sent electronically to all members]

    • Email from Deborah Kaplan clarification on 2009 Campus Reports
    • Memo on Proposed Priorities for 09 Calendar Year
    • SSU ATI goals for 2009-2010