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Dear Students:

Fall 2012 registration begins April 23 and there are important changes in the unit limits that have been mandated by the CSU Chancellor’s Office. Please take a few moments to read the attachment that answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the registration process, unit limits and the waitlist. Having everyone understand the process is important and will help ensure that all students find appropriate classes to stay on track to graduation.

I appreciate your patience as we embark (yet again) on a different registration process that is thankfully less complicated than Spring 2012 but nonetheless requires you to think carefully about the courses you select, especially during the first pass.  You should also be aware that this cap (16 units) is being imposed by the CSU systemwide Chancellor's Office (not SSU) and that exceptions (through the petition process) may be difficult to approve. A well planned 15 to 16 unit course load will not impede your ability to graduate in four years. 

 Andrew Rogerson

Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs