A Welcome Letter


Please email Dr. Bob Karlsrud (karlsrud@comcast.net) or Sandra Feldman (sandra.feldman@sonoma.edu) if you have questions or need online advising.

NEW STUDENTS and RETURNING STUDENTS, please set up an EARLY BIRD appointment with your advisor (either Sandra Feldman or Bob Karlsrud). YOU MUST seek advising AT LEAST ONCE per semester. Check your SSU email account for updates, deadlines, changes, and important announcements. Karen Fischer, our Extended Education Program Coordinator, can also assist you if you have questions, or she can direct you to SSU departments on the campus and on the SSU site.

WATCH FOR DEADLINES to file for DECEMBER 2011 and MAY 2012 Graduation. See your advisor for more information.

BE SURE to sign up for the WEPT in your JUNIOR YEAR. Get that requirement out of the way early. Check out the WEPT pages on the SSU website.

Sandra Harrison Feldman, Libs Napa Valley Coordinator.