B.A. Liberal Studies Programs

There are four different Liberal Studies programs offered through Sonoma State University. Two are offered through the School of Extended and International Education, and two are offered through other departments at the University. Please select from the following:

Programs Offered Through Extended and International Education

Saturday BA Degree Completion Program at SSU

The Saturday B.A. Degree Completion Program is a version of the Hutchins School program designed for working adults or others who cannot come to campus during regular hours. Students take one ten-unit class for four semesters to complete the major. They come to campus one Saturday per month and the rest is done via online postings to discussion forums. This program is administered through the School of Extended Education in collaboration with the Hutchins School.

B.A. Liberal Studies Napa Valley and Solano

Extended and International Education is pleased to be able to offer liberal studies programs at Napa Valley College and Solano Community College in partnership with the School of Social Sciences. There are no residency requirements for these programs.

The School of Social Sciences offers knowledge and skills that prepare graduates to live richly rewarding personal, professional, and social lives while understanding and appreciating human complexity in a global society. The school contributes to the political, economic, and cultural literacy of its citizens through the expansion and preservation of knowledge. It is a regional center for active social change and human betterment, advocacy, and planning. The school maintains an environment conducive to personal and professional growth attained through equality, shared governance, and open communication.

Programs offered through the School of Extended and International Education host information meetings throughout each semester.

Programs Offered Through the Regular University

The Hutchins School

The Hutchins School of Liberal Studies offers an interdisciplinary, seminar-based approach to the Liberal Studies degree. Students form a learning community dedicated to asking probing questions and exploring multiple ways of approaching them. Transfer students can choose from two tracks, Track I for general liberal studies, and Track II for multiple-subject teaching credential preparation. Applications are made to the regular University by following the instructions at http://www.sonoma.edu/admissions/filing.

School of Social Sciences

The SSU School of Social Scienes also offers the Liberal Studies Ukiah Program, which is based at the Mendocino College campus in Ukiah, and offers evening, weekend, and online classes. Students must be residents of Mendocino, Lake, or Humboldt Counties to participate. Applications are made through the regular University at http://www.sonoma.edu/admissions/filing.