Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a tablet instead of a laptop?
Social media apps tend to limit what you can do and view on a tablet. A laptop is a better choice.

Do I need special software?
No, you will need a browser and we will provide internet access.

Should I take the Certificate course or the Bootcamp?
This depends on your interests and availability. There is interaction, networking and handson learning in both programs. the Certificate includes a capstone project in which participants complete a social media campaign. Additionally, students in the Certificate complete a service learning project in which they provide social media assistance to others.The Bootcamp includes neither of these projects and will not earn you the Certificate.The Bootcamp has more of a conference feel with some food provided and ample time for networking. If you are unavailable to come to class weekly over the course of a semester, live further away, and/or don't need the Certificate, the Bootcamp might be the right match for you.

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) covered?
SEO is discussed in relation to how social media impacts SEO. Instructors will have ideas for further learning.

Can I start my project in advance?
Yes, the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it which will help you contribute to the class.

Who is teaching and what is their expertise?
Please see the individual course syllabus for detailed course information and faculty bios.

How many units is the Certificate?
It is not offered for academic credit. The Certificate is for Continuing Education Units (CEU's).

Can my company recruit an intern from this program?
This program does not include an internship, but perhaps you'd be interested in connecting with either the School of Business & Economics or the Department of Communications. Both are always looking for internship opportunities for students.

How much is parking?
Please see Parking Services.

Is Financial Aid available?
Financial Aid is not available for non-credit or CEU's.

What if I cannot complete the entire program?
You will not receive the certificate.