Course Calendar

Course Calendar

An attractive feature of the program is the fact that all of the graduate courses will be taken during three summer sessions; the academic year course load will be relatively light and thus students will be able to finish the courses within a 26-month time span while maintaining full time employment; students from out of the area may take elective courses during the academic year at other institutions with approval of the graduate advisor.

All Graduate Courses will be completed during the months of June and July.

Courses offered during Summer 2014:

Pedagogy (SPAN 500) - June 16 - July 3
12 class meetings, M,Tu,W,Th:  9am-2:30pm
Prof. Casilde Isabelli, PhD
University of Nevada, Reno

Linguistics (SPAN 502) - July 14 - 31
12 class meetings, M,Tu,W,Th:  9am-2:30pm
Prof. Jeffrey Reeder, PhD
Sonoma State University

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