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New Classroom/Laboratory/Office Buildings

Project Description:
New classroom, laboratory, faculty office buildings and related support spaces to accommodate mandated campus build-out to 10,000 FTE students. Current capacity in existing building is 6,000 FTE.

Purpose and Major Facility Functions:
Classrooms, Laboratories and Departmental Offices; specific departmental assignments have not been made

Summary of Project Square Footage:

Instructional Expansion #1 100,000 s.f.
Instructional Expansion #2 105,000 s.f.
Instructional Expansion #3 60,000 s.f.
Total -
265,000 s.f.

Site Description:
Draft master plan proposes use of existing central core spaces south of existing gymnasium complex.

Site Area:
Approximately 10 acres

Proposed Cost:

Proposed Completion Date:


Issue 4: Locate New Classroom/Laboratory/Office Buildings so as to improve pedestrian orientation of central campus.

Proposed design responses:

  • Locate buildings within the central campus core

Issue 5: Locate New Classroom/Laboratory/Office Buildings so as to build a strong visual image of the campus for those driving onto campus

Proposed design responses:

  • Locate new buildings along the North Entry Road.
  • Locate new academic quadrangle associated with the new buildings at the prominent southeast corner of Redwood Circle so that they have a view of the hills overlooking the athletic fields.
  • Locate a new pedestrian/landscape node and circulation element near new buildings to guide people to this area and make a clear connection to the remainder of the campus.

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