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Overview of the Master Plan
Revision Process

The Master Plan Revision process began with architecture and landscape architecture consultants developing a proposal reflecting the basic components of the Revision. In addition, campus task forces developed proposals for two of these components: the Music Center and the University Center.

In March, 1999, two important steps in the Master Plan Revision process began: a Community Outreach Program and the Environmental Impact Report for the Revision.

The Community Outreach Program is intended to get input on all aspects of the proposal, from both the campus community and from surrounding communities. It will result in a report to the Campus Planning Committee in early May. The report will summarize input to the Outreach Program and could result in revisions to Master Plan Revison proposal, as well as identifying possible project alternatives, a required portion of the Environmental Impact Report.

The Environmental Impact Report process, required by the California Environmental Quality Act, has begun, with the retention of ESA, an environmental impact consulting firm. Their work, which is intended to be informed by Community Outreach Program, will result in publication of a Draft Environmental Impact Report, scheduled for the beginning of the Fall 1999 semester. This will be followed by a public review period, with an opportunity for public comment.

The final outcomes of the Master Plan Revision process are completion of a Final Environmental Impact Report, a recommendation by the Campus Planning Committee to President Armiñana regarding the Revision, the President's recommendation to the CSU Board of Trustees, and a decision by the Trustees.