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Sonoma State University agrees that the lower division course(s) listed below are comparable or will be accepted "in lieu of" each other upon transfer in this academic area. This agreement, based upon faculty review, will be valid provided there are no course content changes. Students should contact a counselor or the Articulation Officer with any questions about this agreement.

Semester Units

Santa Rosa Junior College
Semester Units

GE Area

CAN Number

Prerequisites for admission to the major:




Engl 101 Expository Writing and Analytical Reading (3)

Engl 1A (3)


Engl 2

Phil 101 Critical Thinking (3)

Engl 5 or
Phil 3 or 5 or
Spch 3A or 9 or
Socs 5 (3)


Phil 6

Biol 110 Biological Inquiry (4) or BIO 115 Intro to Biology (3) or
Anth 201 Intro to Biological Anthropology (3)

Bio 2A* (5) or 2B * (5) or 10* (4) or 15 (4) or Anthro 1 (3) *These are lab courses and also meet the GE lab requirement

B2 or B3

Biol 2*
Anth 2

Math 165 Elementary Statistics (4)

Math 15 (4)


Stat 2

Anth 203 Cultural Anthropology (3) or Anth 342 Organization of Societies (4) or Psy 250 Introduction to Psychology (3) or
Soc 201 Intro to Sociology (3)

Anthro 2 (3) or Psych 1A (3) or Soc 1 (3)


Anth 4
Soc 2

Ling 200 Intro to Linguistic Studies (3)

Engl 25 (3)



Major Core Requirements:




Psy 410 Child Development (3-4)**

Child 10 (3) and
Child 90.1 (3)



Major Electives:




EDMS 420 Child Development in Family, School and Community (3)**

Child 10 (3) and
Child 90.1 (3)



A 2.5 cumulative gpa is required for admission to the program.
**Except with this combination of Child 10 and Child 90.1 at SRJC, courses from any other community college that are accepted "in lieu of" upper division courses at SSU will be granted content credit, but will not count towards the upper division unit requirements for the major, for General Education, or for units in residence.

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