Current International Students; Health Insurance Information

Because it is modern, scientific and heavily dependent on technology, health care in the United States is very expensive. This is especially noted when viewed from the perspective of other countries. Therefore it is essential that anyone spending time in the United States purchase health insurance. In the U.S. individuals are responsible for paying for any health care they receive. Most U.S. citizens and permanent residents arrange this through private or employer-sponsored insurance plans.

Renewing your insurance

Current students are required to renew SSU's health and accident insurance policy for international students each year. Payment is due by August 14th for the Fall semester and February 1st for Spring/Summer semesters. It may also be paid on an annual basis by August 14th. (Please note that summer cannot be separated out.)

The California State University (CSU) system requires that all students attending a CSU campus in either F-1 or J-1 legal status purchase and maintain health insurance with specified coverage. Sonoma State University requires that you purchase the school sponsored policy. This policy exceeds the specified requirements and is an excellent value.)

No student will be allowed a waiver from this policy upon entrance to the university except students who are sponsored by their own government or the U.S. government and who are already covered through a policy required by their program. Every International Student will purchase the policy from the International Services Office at a cost of $622.00* for one full year. If, after purchasing the school sponsored plan, a student believes he or she has insurance from the home country which meets or exceeds our policy's coverage you may be allowed a temporary exception from this policy. (If a waiver from the policy is granted we will work with you to get a reimbursement of your premium from our insurance agent.)

In order to apply for this waiver you must provide evidence that your own policy:

  1. meets all the foreign student legal requirements for insurance (see below),
  2. is in force and paid up, and
  3. all documents presented are notarized and in English.

The international student legal requirements for insurance are:

  1. at least $50,000.00 maximum allowable for each accident or illness, (SSU policy allows $250,000.00)
  2. at least $10,000.00 available for medical evacuation,
  3. at least $7,500.00 available for repatriation of remains, and
  4. a maximum deductible of $50.00.

* Please note that the price is established by the Insurance provider and is subject to change.