Faculty Moodle Demonstration Project - Call for Participation

In the transition from our current learning management system (WebCT) to a newer, more capable system (Moodle), the Center for Teaching and Professional Development and Instructional Technology Services are looking for faculty to participate in a pilot demonstration project. The project will involve training and support over the summer, with implementation (instruction), support, and data collection during Fall 2010.

Download Full Details and Proposal Instructions (.doc)

Proposals must be submitted by email to ctpd@sonoma.edu by 5pm on April 30, 2010.

This project seeks a broad and diverse level of faculty involvement and is open to participation by full-time instructors of all backgrounds and expertise levels in online teaching and learning. Regardless of predisposition, the goal is a higher level of proficiency in utilizing the learning management system toward enhanced teaching and learning. In addition, we are looking for participation of the following types, as well as any others that may not be represented, yet appropriate*:

  • Standard: Just you and a course. Looking to improve how you use online components to more effectively deliver content, engage students, build community, and assess learning.
  • Co/Interdisciplinary Teaching: You and another faculty member co-teach and want to use Moodle as a way to more effectively connect your respective components. Or, just you but it's a course that is listed across disciplines or involves students of multiple disciplines/majors.
  • Multi-section: This course will be developed in a way that will enable multiple instructors to more effectively teach it across sections. E.g., building common content components, assessments, etc.
  • Program: E.g., developing a capstone or program portfolio via Moodle. CFP is open to considering other examples you may have as to how Moodle can be used to enhance outcomes across a program.
  • Blended Course: More content delivered and activities engaged online, resulting in a decrease in face-to-face time and face-to-face time becoming more active-learning-based. *_ Online:_ Developing a fully online course.

(*Chair/Dean signature is required on all proposals, so above formats are discussed and approved.)