Glossary: Creating a Main Glossary

Creating a Main Glossary
Moodle has a built in glossary activity. A good location for this is in the header block, so that it will be available to students throughout the term. Click the "Add an activity" drop-down menu and select "Glossary". Name and describe the glossary, then select the options you wish to use.

  • Entries shown per page: Decide how many entries you wish to display on each page. Remember that cluttered is not good.
  • Glossary type: there are two types of glossaries. Each course can have only one "Main glossary", but it can have many "Secondary glossaries".
  • Duplicate entries allowed: you may wish to allow different students to write their own definitions for a word. If not set this to "no".
  • Allow comments on entries: allows students to add updates to the entry. This could allow students to participate in developing material for your course without having multiple entries for a word. Students click on the "Add comment" word balloon in the right corner of the entry
  • Allow print view: this will allow students to print out the entire glossary.
  • Automatically link glossary entries: this will autolink words in your glossary to any instance of that word in your Moodle site.
  • Approved by default: if set to "Yes" this allows you to decide what content other people can enter into the glossary. If you are the only one entering entries in the glossary you can set this to "No".
  • Display format: there are many different ways of displaying data in the glossary. The default is "simple, dictionary style".
  • Show "Special" link:
  • Show alphabet:
  • Show "All" link:
  • Edit always: if set to "Yes" this allows others to edit your entries in the glossary.

This section allows you to grade the glossary entries made by students.

  • Allow entries to be rated?: if you wish to grade these entries check this box
  • Users: this allows you to select who will be able to grade entries, either just you or everyone.
  • Grade: you can select what kind of grading you want from this dropdown menu