Forum: Creating a Forum

Creating a Forum
Forums are threaded discussion boards where users can post messages, notes, or upload files, then other users can go in and respond to that post. Click the "Add an activity" dropdown menu and select "Forum". Name your forum, then choose your settings.

Forum type

  • Single simple discussion: the first person to post sets the topic of discussion and other users are only allowed to respond to that initial post.
  • Each person posts one discussion: every user in class must post an initial question before they can respond to other people's questions.
  • Q and A forum: you post a question and then other students can answer it
  • Standard forum for general use: every user in class is allowed to post an initial question and then respond to other people's questions.

Force everyone to be subscribed?

  • No: students are not enrolled in the forum but can opt in at a later date
  • Yes, forever: every student will be enrolled in the forum so that they can see and interact with the discussion board and all postings
  • Yes, initially: every student will be enrolled, but can opt out at a later date
  • Subscriptions not allowed

Read tracking for this forum?
Students can decide whether they wish to track which messages are read or unread in the forum


  • Aggregate type: you can decide whether to grade the forum entries or not

Post Threshold for Blocking
You can set when students are no longer able to post to this forum and for how long

  • Time period for blocking: Sets the delay for posting to the forum once the post threshold has been reached. After this time the values below reset. The default is "Don't block", meaning students can come back at any time and post.
  • Post threshold for blocking: sets the number of times a student can post before they are blocked for the above time period.
  • Post threshold for warning: sets the number of times a student can post before they are warned that they are approaching the post threshold.

When you are finished hit one of the "Save" buttons.