Wiki: Editing Basics

Wiki Editing Basics
There are a number of tabs in the wiki editor.

  • View: shows the wiki pages as they have been created
  • Edit: allows you to change the wiki pages
  • Links: shows you all the links available on the current page you are at
  • History: gives you a detailed history of all the edits that have occured on this page. This also identifies who made the changes. This also allows you to restore a wiki page to a previous version.
  • Attachments: Allows you to upload attachments and lists any attachments already uploaded.

To create content click on the wiki link. If this is a new page the "View" and "Edit" tabs will both look the same. When you enter content you can click on "Preview" to see what it looks like, and "Save" to save it.

Referring Link: at the bottom of the page is a link back to the page which linked to the current page. Only the initial page does not have a link like this.

These are the commands for formatting within the wiki:

!!! = Heading 1
!! = Heading 2
! = Heading 3

New Page
[new page] = words in brackets will create a link to a new page. When you click the "Save" button the word will NOT be a link yet. Instead it will have a question mark at the end that IS a link. Clicking the question mark link will take you to the new page. Because there is no content in the page yet the "View" and "Edit" tabs will both look the same.

Creating a List
*List Item = Bulleted list
**sublist item = an item under the main bullet
#List Item = Numerical list

Text Format
''italics'' = puts the words in italics (note: those are 2 single quotes)
**bold** or __bold__ (two underscores)
##font## = increase the font size
==type== = a typewriter font

[URL] = creates a link to online content. If this is a direct link to an image then the image will appear on the screen.
[Link Text|URL] = creates a link to online content that will appear as the words typed into "Link Text". Note: the vertical line is called a "Pipe" character, and is usually found above the return key.